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The Most Relatable Moment in “Sex and the City” Season 2 | Episode 1

It’s baseball season and while sitting in the stands is a no-go for 2020, I got to thinking about one of my all-time favorite scenes from Sex and the City in which the girls venture out to Yankee Stadium for an afternoon game. In my last retrospective piece, I alluded to some of the plot lines not holding up in 2020, but this episode holds true.

Season 2; Episode 1: “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” (1999)

In this episode, Carrie is fresh off her breakup with Mr. Big when Miranda and Charlotte convince her to leave her apartment and take in a game at the ballpark. The trio picks up Samantha, who’s dating James, a man with a tiny penis, (but I will save that topic for a later blog post).

The scene transitions to the four ladies sitting in the top tier stand eating hot dogs and popcorn, drinking beers while Carrie has a smoke with her legs kicked up over the chairs in front of her. The opening line from this scene has always been my favorite and one that I found to be relatable for years; “Miranda was a huge fan of the Yankees. I was a huge fan of being anywhere you could smoke and drink at two in the afternoon without judgement.” Even as a teen I knew this was funny and could relate to the feeling, now the sentiment still sticks with me in my 30’s.

I’ve had my share of breakups and relate to the feeling of wanting to smoke and drink without judgement whether I just got out of a relationship or not. Come to think of it, this might be why I enjoy traveling to Las Vegas so much, but I digress. Seeing Carrie with her big fur coat, shades and heels sitting chicly in the seats has always been #GOALS. I love Miranda’s enthusiasm for the sport and how giddy she gets around the new Yankee. And let’s not forget the BDE Carrie gives off when she confidently asks the new Yankee to the Dolce & Gabbana party. Sure there’s some awkward moments later in the episode, but I would rather cherish the coolness of the first half.

More SATC blogs coming soon!

If you have an episode or scene you’d like to talk about, comment below and let me know.

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