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Facebook Announces New Advances in AR, Including Fashionable, Functional Glasses | Social Media

"They’ll combine innovative technology with fashion-forward style and help people better connect with friends and family." 

Are you ready for Facebook to take Augmented Reality to new heights? We all remember Snapchat Lenses... The virtual glasses were marketed as AR experiences that transformed the way you look and the world around you! You could use Lenses while you create Snaps to add 3D effects, objects, characters, and transformations. Now Facebook is coming out with their own branded glasses to take your social media experience to the next level.

Project Aria

The initiative dubbed "Project Aria" is set to release to the public next year. This is the first step in this process. "The initial Aria prototypes will not provide AR overlays within the lenses, but will essentially be research devices, helping Facebook gather data to support the development of things like head-tracking, eye-tracking, and audio algorithms. These insights will eventually inform the development of fully functional AR overlaid vision," according to Social Media Today

"Imagine a pair of glasses that add a 3D layer of useful, contextually-relevant and meaningful information on top of the physical world. Such a device could help us perform everyday tasks better — like finding your keys, navigating a new city, or capturing a moment; but it could also open up an entirely new way of moving through the world." - Facebook Connect

As Facebook continues to test the glasses internally, the next phase will be releasing the AR glasses to the public. Facebook is partnering with EssilorLuxottica, the makers of Ray-Ban, to build fashionable, Ray-Ban branded smart glasses, which will are set for release in 2021. This is not only a huge step forward for Facebook, but the social media industry as a whole, this is a sleek new approach like we've never seen before.

"This could be a game-changer for Facebook, bringing the digital and real-world together via helpful, digital overlays on your everyday view. The possibilities are massive, and if Facebook can indeed bring functional, fashionable AR glasses to market by 2021, that will give the company a significant edge over rivals like Apple and Amazon, which is also looking to develop the same." - Social Media Today

Expansion of AR Tools and Instagram AR Ads

Another big announcement came as Facebook said Spark AR would be integrated into Messenger and their Portals smart speaker device.

In my past presentations, most recently my 7-Figure Seller Summit Presentation, "10 Ways To Have An Insta-Worthy Amazon Business," I noted using Spark AR in order to incorporate filters into your Amazon business and branding.

"By enabling all creators to build their own AR effects, Facebook then increases its capacity for hosting popular, even viral AR filters and tools [like 'Which Disney Character Are You?'] Now, creators will also be able to make effects for Messenger and Portal, expanding their canvas for expression. Facebook has also shared a brief overview of coming AR ads for Instagram, including virtual 'try-on' ads for make-up, and an option to digitally place furniture in your home via AR tools." - Social Media Today

So What Does This Mean For You And Your Business?

Now you're probably saying this is all great information and technology for the future, but what does it mean for your business or how can you incorporate it into your brand?

Here's what you need to do now: Start thinking about how your brand or product can transition into AR.

If you have a fashion line, kitchen product, exercise accessories, or anything else - start to envision how you can benefit from incorporating AR effects and filters.

Got a fashion line? Great! Start envisioning how your customers can try on clothes virtually.

Got a kitchen product? Perfect! Think of ways your buyers can see how the product displays in their kitchen and the multitude of ways they can use it for family fun, dinner parties, holiday festivities and more.

Sell an exercise accessory or equipment? Show your audience how convenient your product is to store and use. Where it will fit into their lifestyle and how it can benefit them in the short and longterm.

AR is the future and it will be here before you know it. Get on the trend now so you can lead the pack when it's here.


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