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New E-Commerce Expectations: How You Can Meet Them And Exceed Them In 2020

We're currently in the midst of the "new normal." We're enjoying the comforts of home more than ever - cooking from scratch, working from our couches and shopping online. As the world begins to open up again and in theory we can all return to our usual habits, it begs the question of what about the next normal?

What do these new behaviors mean for the long-term? I for one have been making my home cozier than ever - cleaning, decorating, cooking, and gardening, I am twice as productive working from home than in the office and online shopping has solidified a new way of life for me that I plan to keep active long after COVID with delivery apps and online discounts.

It's crucial that all brands, both e-commerce as well as brick and mortar evolve their strategies and engagement plans to fit their customers needs now and in the future.

“Consumers benefit when they have the opportunity to engage more directly online with the brands they love and discover new brands in an organic way.”

- GTM & PARTNER MARKETING’S CELIENA ADCOCK Forward-thinking brands of all sizes must reconsider how business engagement with consumers takes place to successfully capture more loyal shoppers and more growth, according to the Next Normal in Retail.

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