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Facebook Announces New Groups Features - Automated Moderation Tools and New Engagement Options

Facebook has announced a range of new features for groups at its annual Communities Summit and provided some new insights into group usage, engagement, etc.

Groups Usage

With people seeking new ways to stay connected while physically distanced due to COVID-19, Facebook groups have seen a significant increase in usage, with more than 1.8 billion people now using Facebook Groups every month. Facebook reported that 1.4 billion people were using groups every month last October, so it has added another 4 million active groups users over the past year.

"Whether you're organizing your groups around volunteering or a passion for singalongs, strong online communities like the Facebook groups help bring people closer together, and as individuals, the groups that you've all built change people's lives [...] and on a collective scale, that positive impact is just massive." -Facebook CEO, Mark Zukerberg

Admin Assist

In terms of new features, first off, Facebook has announced a new set of admin tools for Facebook groups, which will provide more ways for group admins to control their group discussions, and manage engagement. 

Group Topics

In addition to this, Facebook's also adding new pinnable topics within groups, defined by hashtags. 

Group Promotions via Brand Collabs Manager

Last month, Facebook announced the addition of new brand partnership posts built into the groups experience direct, providing a new way for group admins to generate revenue from their efforts, and for brands to reach highly engaged audiences based on group discussion.

Chats, Conversation Starters and Interviews 

Facebook's also adding some new ways to engage within groups, with new, real-time chats, conversation starter prompts, and Q and A tools to host interview sessions.

Expanded Discovery of Public Groups

Facebook's also looking to boost discovery of public groups, as a means of increasing group participation.

New Group Types

Lastly, Facebook says that it's also exploring new group options which will align with evolving user behaviors around presentation and engagement.

For more details on each of the new features, visit Social Media Today to learn more.

There's a lot to take in and work with for brands and individuals alike. Learning the details of each new addition and how to leverage it for your group's growth is key.


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