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Why "Las Vegas" Deserves A Reboot and Fans Deserve A Conclusion | NBC

The year was 2007 and “Las Vegas” was well into its fifth season, meanwhile the entertainment industry took an unexpected turn when the writers strike happened on November 5 and would last until February 12, 2008. This had a ripple effect on the fate of many shows and unfortunately "Las Vegas" was one of them. Find out what happened, why and what the creator has to say now in 2020.

On February, 15, 2008, part two of "Three Weddings and a Funeral" aired on NBC and fans were left with one hell of a cliffhanger... and as of August 2020 they're still hanging. Season 5 abruptly ended after episode 19 and after doing my research, I found that 22 episodes were planned for the season. The final scene ended with Danny, Josh Duhamel's character, making his way towards Delinda, played by Molly Sims, in shock after Delinda appeared to be going into early labor and presenting some immediate complications. Then the scene transitions and the words, "To Be Continued..." flashed on screen.

So what ever happened? Is Delinda okay? What about the baby? A slew of other questions remain about various intersecting storylines to this day.

Reruns aired on various stations for awhile back in 2009, then the show disappeared from the airwaves completely. As an avid fan, I turned to purchasing the series on DVD from Amazon. Then in June, the E! Network started airing episodes of the Sin City series one weekend. Maybe the producers at E! knew viewers would be missing the action of Las Vegas due to the pandemic and decided to give their audience something to get their fix? Who knows? But what we do know is that the recent airing reinvigorated the interest in the show.

That's when I took to Twitter...

When the show originally aired Twitter wasn't known for corresponding and asking questions to celebrities and creators like today. This is 2020 and as a fan of the show who was also bored in quarantine, I wanted answers - so I decided to send a Twitter thread to the show's creator, Gary S. Thompson,

To my surprise, he responded by Tweeting, "We have all been waiting for years." Then I took a look at his Timeline and realized, I wasn't alone. His feed was flooded with a barrage of Tweets from fans asking the same thing I was.

It was nice to know the creator was in touch with the sentiment of the fans and echoed it back. While the Tweets from fans asking for a proper conclusion were endless, Thompson made it clear the decision was, and still is not up to him, it was NBC that pulled the plug on the bright lights of "Las Vegas."

To add some solace to fans, Thompson did update them on the fate of some of the show's characters with the intended resolutions that never aired.

Okay, so we know Delinda and the baby are okay and if you were following the show's storyline, Coop, the owner of the Montecito played by Tom Selleck, wasn't on the ill-fated Private Jet that ended in the demise for everyone on board except the pilot.

But what about everyone else?

Did Delina and Danny live happily ever after? What about Ed Deline? Did he ever reconcile with Jillian? Did the cops find out about the murder of Mary's father? Speaking of Mary, what is she up to? Are Piper and Mike still together? Why didn't Coop get on the jet? Casey's brother wanted to buy back the Montecito, did that ever happen? Did he end up with Sam?

The questions are endless. So what's a fan to do? Sure, we could speculate and just move on with our lives. I'm sure Gary S. Thompson could provide some more insight on the original script.

Or could we entice NBCUniversal to bring the show back?

Crazier things have happened.

Pre-pandemic reboots were hot with Fuller House, The Conners, Murphy Brown, Will & Grace...

For now, we have reruns airing on E! and USA Networks as well as Tweets from creator, Gary S. Thompson.

If anyone starts a petition, let me know - I'll be the first to sign.

Editor's Note: Special thank you to Gary S. Thompson for taking the time to respond to my Tweet and engage with fans of "Las Vegas."

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