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Dealey Plaza & The Grassy Knoll | Dallas, TX

Dealey Plaza is sometimes known as the "Birthplace of Dallas" and one of my favorite travel spots! Dallas, Texas is a vibrant city full of life and adventure with all the southern comfort a girl could ask for. My first trip to Dealey Plaza opened my eyes (and mind) to more than any history book ever taught me. I have never been so moved by a travel destination, from peering out the window of the 6th floor to walking on The Grassy Knoll and locating the exact spots shots were fired at JFK on November 22nd, 1963.

To anyone traveling through Texas, I highly recommend visiting the popular location and having a seat on the knoll. While there, take in the city's beautiful skyline and look up at Reunion Tower as it pierces through the clouds. If you're looking for a little fun with a quirky twist, check out Lee Harvey's dive bar. At Lee Harvey's you'll find a few down-to-earth bartenders, pool tables, cigarette machines, and outdoor seating to truly immerse yourself in the southern city. This bar will make you feel like you've traveled back in time to the early 1980's and you won't want to leave!

Below are some of my favorite photos from the Big D!

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