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Hello Kitty Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch | Irvine, CA

Pumpkin patches are a fall staple and a Halloween-time must on any autumn enthusiast's checklist. If you're looking for the pumpkin patch experience with extra cuteness or "kawaii," then look no further than Tanka Farms! This pumpkin patch is Hello Kitty-themed to give you a little extra spice and everything nice this fall. Upon entering you're greeted with a Sanrio crown and plenty of photo opportunities made for Instagram. Roam the patch and picked your favorite gourd that gets you going, then wander down the field of sunflowers as they tower over your head. Don't forget to do a little "pumkin chunkin' and watch your hand-pick pumpkin soar over head upon being shot out of a cannon. Ride the rails on the wagon or hop on a tracker like a farmer.

Any blogger, influencer, and Instagram model will agree that Tanka Farms is the place to be at all times this autumn!

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