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3 Carrie Bradshaw Fashion Staples We Should Bring Back in 2020 | "Sex and the City"

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic the hottest fashion statement for 2020 are face masks. I’ve been working from home for almost five months now and spending a majority of my time in my bedroom.

While getting dressed to impress is the last thing on my mind nowadays, one of my goals since we first went into lockdown has been to organize my closet, (hopefully writing this blog will get me motivated). As you know, I’ve been rewatching Sex and the City and I find myself just as inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion now as I did then - also another motivation for me to get my closet in order. Given that much of Bradshaw’s fashions are couture and designer labels, it’s no wonder those pieces leave a lasting impression. It’s also fun to rewatch how Carrie mixed and matched high-end staples with vintage pieces to accent her unique style and flair. This got me thinking about some of my favorite trends Carrie rocked throughout the series and which ones we should definitely bring back now and forever.

1.Flower Pins: Carrie started rocking the flower pins during Season 3 of the show, circa 2000. While floral prints have long been a staple of spring time fashion, I think this accent piece could complement any basic tank or blazer to add a chic and sophisticated vibe to our outfits. Maybe I’ll give it a try and make a TikTok?

2.Oversized (Faux) Fur Coats: Carrie may have thrown on her vintage furs and stepped outside effortlessly stunning, today faux fur is more politically correct and looks just as chic. I always loved the big coat as the statement piece for her ensemble. Big curls and a big coat - the perfect combo.

3.Nameplate Necklace: Of course I couldn’t talk about Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion without mentioning her nameplate necklace, which I also have. I got one back then and have held onto it ever since. The gold necklace goes with just about everything and always lends itself to a good conversation piece. I highly encourage anyone without one to get one! I’m going to start wearing mine again, let’s bring back the nameplate necklace in 2020.

Which of Carrie’s fashions do you think need to make a comeback?

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