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Los Angeles Haunted Hayride 10th Anniversary | Griffith Park, CA

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride celebrated its 10th Anniversary this year with chills, thrills, and everything in between. Entering the pumpkin tunnel into Griffith Park you encounter confetti, bubbles, and lighting to set the mood as you encounter creepy characters left and right. Then you make your way deeper into the park where you stand under a giant pumpkin monster scaling at ten feet tall. As the fog clears and the beam of orange lights shine overhead, you pass carousel of hell or "scary-go-round," if you will, featuring skeletal horses for your riding pleasure. As you get closer to the wagon line you pass broken down cars, ghastly ghouls, and undead creatures.

Then you grab your spot in line and tremble with excitement and anticipation as you get closer to the hellish hayride. Once the wagon is loaded and you sit in a patch of hay, the wagon gets going and you don't know what awaits. Various scenes lay ahead including a satanic school and cackling clowns along with the sounds of chainsaws revving in the distance.

I'm very happy to say I survive the haunted hayride and would highly recommend this event if you're looking for a good scare during the Halloween season. Bring your best friends for a good group and get ready to be on high-alert for haunted happenings!

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