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Candytopia | Santa Monica, CA

Candytopia takes the pop-up museum experience to new and delicious levels! Located minutes away from the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, the candy museum is a fully immersive tour that leads you through rooms of sweet treats. We began the tour by seeing pop icons like Prince (a personal favorite) and Marilyn Monroe in all their candy-coated glory. Then made our way under the sea and took a few selfies with sugar sharks and decadent scuba divers. Each room is decked out with it's own unique flavor, but the real treat is still yet to come...

Finally, after making our way through the inflatable sugar walls we encountered the long-await marshmallow pit! We kicked off our shoes and got our cameras ready to dive into what looks like a pool of heavenly clouds. There is a time limit, but we had more than enough to play and take endless selfies during the free-for-all.

Overall, Candytopia is totally worth it! A fun staff along with excellent visuals and props makes this pop-up one you'll want to pop into before it leave LA.

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