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Susan Lucci At Bolo Bash 2018 | Little Rock, AR

The 29th Annual Baptist Health Bolo Bash Luncheon achieved legendary status as the "Queen of Daytime" herself, Susan Lucci, served as this year's keynote speaker. In the months leading up to the annual event Little Rock newspapers teased the "All My Children" star's arrival to Arkansas, afterall it's not everyday that Erica Kane comes to town.

So what led Lucci to the luncheon? The actress said that once she heard Baptist Heath's slogan, "Give Happy," she knew she had to be part of the event. "I think that just tells me everything I need to know about the organization," said Lucci.

Being a born and raised California girl and having worked not only in Los Angeles, but Daytime Television in the beginning of my career, I jumped at the chance to attend the little city's big event. Throughout Lucci's keynote speech and interview with radio personality, Lisa Fischer, the soap star talked about growing up, career, family life, and current business ventures. My favorite moment was when the Daytime Queen took to the audience and answered questions from fans, at one point crossing my path and speaking right in front of the table where I was seated.

It was not only an honor to attend this year's Bolo Bash, but much to my surprise that I would meet a big star in Little Rock.

Take a look at more photos from the event below!

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