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Power Couple, Colton Farnsworth & Maryanne Rawald, Talk Entrepreneurship in 2020 | Irvine, CA

Health and Wellness experts often advise to avoid checking social media first thing in the morning. As the Social Media Manager for Helium 10, that’s nearly impossible to adhere to as we get messages from our users in different countries at all hours. This particular time, I’m thankful I didn’t stick to that advice when entrepreneur, Colton Farnsworth, slid into the DMs and contacted our brand account. As luck would have it, Colton and his girlfriend, Maryanne Rawald, were in Orange County, California on vacation and wanted to get a tour of our headquarters before heading out. After confirming a date and time, Colton and Maryanne were ready to get the full experience at Helium 10 HQ!

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