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Seller Journey Spotlight: Indiana Corbridge, from StockX to Stacking Cash with Amazon

Sliding into the DMs: How Indiana Connected with Helium 10: Meet Indiana Corbridge. An 18-year-old from Portland, Oregon starting his first Amazon FBA business with his mom, Isabeau.

Currently, Indiana is working his day job as a retail associate for Nordstrom’s. By night he’s working on his master plan to take on the world of eCommerce. I first connected with Indiana on Instagram and his content immediately caught my eye. A timeline filled with bright colors, curated photos, videos, and travel grams - Indiana’s captivating personality instantly shined through the feed and I knew we had to talk further. After going on a liking-spree, I sent Indiana a Direct Message to connect, introduce myself, and tell him more about our latest social initiatives at Helium 10.

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