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10 Ways Female Entrepreneurs Can Take Charge With Social Media

Women have become a powerful force in the e-commerce world. We're keeping the momentum going with 10 dynamic social media strategies for 2020!

Female entrepreneurs are taking the world of e-commerce by storm in 2020. While women are building and growing their businesses, they often neglect to establish their online presence or fall short of reaching its potential, specifically on social media.

Women are more active when commenting, liking or contributing to online forums such as Facebook Groups. When it comes to women promoting their businesses online, they tend to take a different approach and leverage themselves as the face of the company to connect with their customers.

I was honored to speak alongside such incredible women at Branded by Women, an event for women leading the charge for the future of female founded and run businesses. Each of the women inspire me for different reasons and motive me to strive for more out of life. In life, you can have it all – maybe just not all at once. These female entrepreneurs exemplify that in all aspects of business.

My presentation, “10 Social Media Tactics for Female Entrepreneurs” focused on everything from finding your niche and scoping out the competition to embracing your inner celebrity and how to leverage your failures to start a conversation.

Let’s look at 10 tactics female entrepreneurs can implement within their social media strategy to take their presence and engagement to the next level.

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Take Your Audience on a Journey

Think of your audience as your virtual companion – you want to take them along for the ride. This is where the 3 E’s comes into play; Educate, Engage and Excite.

  • Educate: Educate your audience on what you and your brand are all about this should include your mission statement, core values, initiatives, and goals.

  • Engage: Engage with your audience and customers through your content streams. If you’re comfortable on camera, Facebook and Instagram LIVE Chats are one of the most effective ways to to engage there you can have a real-time conversation and answer any questions they may have. If going LIVE isn’t your thing, you can interact with you audiences through other mediums, like Instagram Stories. Utilize Instagram Story’s in-app features to increase engagement; A/B and polling feature, slider bar, multiple choice and question box are all great ways to talk with your audience and get their feedback.

  • Excite: With all the strategies, tips, and hacks people talk about with social media, oftentimes people forget one of the most fundamental aspects of social media: FUN! Entertaining your audience is key. The possibilities to achieving this aspect are endless, but can be done through thoughtful conversation topics, influencer content, attention-grabbing photos, videos, boomerangs, gifs, etc. Regardless of your category, if your content is boring, people will not want to engage or follow your channels.

Each of the tactics mentioned above have been developed and curated from my work in film, television, and advertising. They continue to be a crucial part of my social strategy personally and professionally, which is why I am so excited to share them with you.

Social Media is subjective and is a different experience for everyone. This is precisely what makes it such a unique (and challenging) animal in the business world. Take the above tips and make them your own to achieve your #BrandGoals and help your business shine in the larger social sphere.

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