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4 Fashion Fails: Was Berger Behind Carrie's Worst Fashions? | "Sex and the City"

I’m bugged by Berger. I’ve always been annoyed by the Berger seasons of “Sex and the City,” but as E!’s been replaying the series in sequential order, I was bound to relive the Berger era yet again. While Carrie was busy pointing out that New York City women don’t wear scrunchies - I couldn’t help, but point out all the fashion flaws with “Berger era” Carrie Bradshaw.

Then I got to wondering… was his drab personality to blame for her heinous haute couture?

First let’s take a look at the fashion fails:

1. This cropped cardigan, headband, dress over pants look.

Right from the the first phone call, the outfits were all wrong. Head to toe - no.

Carrie's hair is blah to match the ensemble. I miss her infamous big, curly wild locks - short and straight hair doesn't do this icon justice. To make matters worse, she accessorizes with a two-toned headband.

Then our residential sexpert decided to play with lengths when she paired a pink bolero cardigan over a dress, which she then put over her jeans. This look has definitely become a faded memory of the early oughts, was Carrie trying to be on trend? She sets the trends, not follows them.

And as a gal who reads Vogue religiously, she should have known the "dress over pants" look wouldn't last and would get played out.

Everything about the look is just blah and boring, much like Berger.

Considering she broke up with Aiden and just before the phone call had a chance encounter with him (and his new baby), perhaps this is a fashion statement about where her life is at or headed with Berger... we can't be too sure. What I am sure of however is that this writer's look is a fail in my book.

2. Carrie's fascinating fascinator.

Maybe after dinner and drinks with Berger, Carrie was headed to a meeting with the Queen Mum? Suffice to say, our girl was dressed for it. This wasn't necessarily the worst look Ms. Bradshaw donned this season, but it was somewhat out of place.

I wonder if placing the fascinator on her head was an attempt to compensate for Berger's lack of fashion sense or perhaps to distract from him altogether when out in public? The questions are endless. One thing that makes me defend this choice was when Berger called her hat stupid, what does this guy know?

Also, it was just a petty blow, because he felt insecure about his book.

3. I want a girl with a short skirt and a looooonnnggg fringe purse?

It might have been this episode that pissed me off more than Carrie's ponytail, but this look was just plain impractical.

Setting the scene, Berger lost his book deal while Carrie's was taking off and a solidified hit overseas. So what does Berger do to reclaim his masculinity? Takes our tried and true city girl on a motorcycle trip to the premiere of Smith's play in the borough.

As Carrie stated, she can't have helmet hair when there's a red carpet situation, but against her better judgement hopped on for a ride anyway.

But back to the fashion!

The dress isn't bad, the pony could have had a little more "pow," and I liked that Carrie tried to start a new trend with the horseshoe accent piece on her shoulder... but the purse. The purse is sooooo long! I love fringe, but how annoying to carry that thing around - now she's been carrying Berger around for so long she might have worked up to it by this point. The purse is just not practical and I'm surprised the fringe didn't get caught on the bike when zipping around the city.

And to prove my point, as you can see in the photo, Carrie is holding up the fringe in her other hand.

4. Carrie parades a parasol to Prada.

It doesn't appear to be raining in this scene and if it was, Carrie certainly wasn't using this umbrella to shield Berger from the elements.

Was this the season Carrie decided to carry really inconvenient accessories around the city? (See: Fashion Fail #3)

This also doesn't appear to be a fashion umbrella, but I didn't do the research, for all I know this is a one-of-a-kind vintage Dior umbrella. Again, her hair is just blah, this bun could have been a chic chignon, but instead looks like a top knot I put my hair in at the end of a workday. I'm neutral on the purse and the dress could be better stylized and accessorized.

I might give Carrie a pass on the parasol, but Berger will never get a pass in my eyes.

Which "Berger era" episode or Carrie fashion fail bums you out the most?

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