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Welcome! I finally decided to launch my own website and blog. I'm really excited to share my perspective on pop culture, give social media management tips, and take you along for the ride when I go on my travel adventures. It's fun to have a hub for all things I'm passionate about and create.

I've had this website for years and thanks to quarantine life, I finally found the time to focus on the content and make it presentable for public consumption. I initially got a website for the sole purpose of showcasing my social media work and making it easier to send my portfolio out for prospective career opportunities. Now, I am utilizing it to share all the things I like in life with an audience, whoever that might be... right now I'm sure it's a few close friends, my family and maybe a rando or two.

Working on my blog has rejuvenated my creativity recently - as I'm sure most of you can relate, quarantine life can be stifling, but at the same time can give you this incredible outlet to be creative like you never could before. Yes, I still have my full-time job, for which I am extremely thankful for in this unique and unprecedented time, but not waking up early to get to work or being stuck in traffic coming home has given me the gift of time. It also became a great sounding board to go to in order to share my thoughts on the shows I've been binge-watching from the early 2000's, (i.e. "Sex and the City").

While the blog will cover fashion, pop culture and my social insight - you can find cool travel content, pop up museums, and exclusive photos from red carpets and industry events taken by yours truly. I am also planning to start a YouTube Channel soon to complement my website and blog content. At the beginning of quarantine, I originally planned to dive into TikTok, but between work and how time-consuming video content can be to produce (even in short-form), I just never got in the groove. With our industry in lockdown, I was asked to speak at a number of virtual events and pleasantly discovered that long-form video content may better suit me.

Stay tuned for more and let me what you'd like to see more of.

My social channels are linked above, but you can also keep up with content updates on my website's Instagram Account: @Cassandra.Craven.Online. It's still a work in progress, so bare with me. If you don't know, I work in the e-commerce industry with Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs. One thing I've continuously been hearing from those in the space is that it's better to start something than nothing. After the third or fourth person to say that, I knew had to just do it (as cliché as that may sound).

Get ready for social media tips, travel photography, blogs from me talking about all-things "Sex and the City," and if we ever return to a somewhat normal life, more pop up museums.


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