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Palm Springs Pandemic Getaway | Travel

When it comes to social distancing, I have been doing my part to slow the curve since March 13, 2020. Aside from a few one-on-one meet ups with close friends (6-feet apart, of course), I have been looking at the same four walls in my bedroom slash new office for months. I'm lucky to be at home with family during this time and having the luxury of a big backyard, but for a girl who is a self-proclaimed "travel enthusiast," being cooped up is tough, especially as the weather started heating up.

My first official travel endeavor mid-pandemic was on a day trip to Santa Barbara, California. I loved the drive up North, but found a day trip to be kind of a nightmare when it came to rest stops along the way, sightseeing, and dining out. Most of the historical sites I wanted to see were closed and I instead took photos outside along the entries. The downtown area of Santa Barbara is very compact and while driving along the one-way streets I saw people packed on the patios of restaurants wearing masks while their kids climbed along the walls... no thanks!

Photo: Father Sierra Cross, Ventura

A couple perks to pandemic travel were that typically crowded, Insta-worthy sites were vacant and there was way less traffic! If you do find yourself traveling up north, I recommend taking a peek at El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Park and the Chromatic Gate. If you have time, stopping along the way (or back at sunset) in Ventura and driving to the top of the mountain at the Father Sierra Cross will give you a gorgeous coastal view.

Photo: El Presidio de Santa Barbara

Fast-forward a couple weeks and as my mom's birthday approached and the heat really started kicking up, I got the travel bug again. This time I went for a more tropical, secluded getaway... to Palm Springs, California. I took to Expedia and started looking for mid-week resort prices, which I found to be surprisingly (and pleasantly) cheap! We decided to stay at the Caliente Tropics Resort with its Polynesian, tiki theme straight out of the swinging 60's. I called ahead to learn about what precautions they were taking with the pandemic and found out they disinfect the rooms thoroughly with bookings 24-hours in between guests. Guests are also spaced out with no one next to you on either side in the next room over. Masks are required and 6-feet distance while at the pool and dining facilities.

Photo: Caliente Tropics Resort, Palm Springs, California

We practically had the place to ourselves and were in an endless loop of going from the air conditioned car to the air conditioned room to the pool and then back to the air conditioned room and so on and so forth. I never once felt concerned for my safety or health, there was a lot of hand sanitizing and washing too - I also sprayed the room down with Lysol when we got there. We did a little, light shopping in downtown and ordered to-go from a couple of our favorite spots like Elmer's and found a new favorite for Italian, L'Olivo (the best Gnocchi with pesto and lobster ravioli, ever!).

Photo: Caliente Tropics Resort, Palm Springs, California

All-in-all if you're looking for a quick getaway in Southern California, I would highly recommend and consider Palm Springs. Don't expect to get the full experience like you might have gotten pre-pandemic, but if you need a break from work or change of scenery, it's a great place to reset your mind and spirit while working on your tan.

Check out some more photos below from the trip.

My next planned vacay is to San Diego, I secured an adorable Airbnb "glamping" site complete with a jacuzzi I will be sure to tell you all about. I'm also considering working remotely in a new state for a week - work during the day and exploring the city at night. I'll keep you all posted on this one.

Have you done any pandemic travels? If so, let me know your experiences and where you went.

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