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Why #SelfCare Is Important More Now Than Ever, Especially On Social Media

Facebook for Business recently released a series of reports about evolving media trends in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. According to Social Media Today, "The reports are based on a combination of internal data insights from Facebook, commissioned survey insights and third-party research, in total, incorporating responses from over 34,000 consumers."

Facebook has identified 5 key trends of note:

  • Safer Shopping - Relating to new shopping measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, and the shift to e-commerce.

  • Mindful Wellness - More people are turning to calming recreational activities to counter the stress of the situation.

  • Global Community - The pandemic has brought communities closer, leading to an increase in support for local businesses.

  • Gen Z's Regeneration - The pandemic has solidified Gen Z's support of causes.

  • Connected Convenience - More people are relying on messaging to stay in touch, including with brands. ​

So what does this information mean for your brand on social media and how can you leverage it?

The first point is easy, with the increased safety measures taken to socially distance customers at stores and shopping centers, it's no wonder that shopping online has seen a spurt in activity. With it's convenience and safety, e-commerce is the smart choice for both customers and merchants. But with this increase also comes increased competition, now the challenge is standing out among new and existing sellers on the market and getting the attention of online shoppers.

This is where having outstanding organic social content can come into play. People are on social media more than ever mindlessly scrolling and subconsciously looking for something new to grab their attention. If you're using paid ads to target customers, there's a good chance they're going to visit your social channel after being served your ad - so you want to be ready! Having quality images, top-notch video content, testimonials, tutorials, and influencer content can really seal the deal for anyone bored at home looking for something new to liven up their ambiance.

Facebook's second point of "mindful wellness," is something we've suspected for quite awhile in this unique time. The concept of "self care" was a trending topic among Millennials and Gen-Z for a few nows, but the ways in which we indulge in that care has drastically changed.

Pre-pandemic people had various outlets in which to disconnect and recenter themselves - travel, spas, the gym etc. But in the COVID era we've had to get a bit more creative with our home space to accommodate that need. Instead of traveling people starting taking pride in their backyards and home turf with projectors, wading pools, plants and patio furniture. Wanting to pamper yourself? Facial masks and beauty treatments were the best way to get your fix. Scented candles and essential oils are must-have items in quarantine. Missing the gym? Your yoga class? Or maybe meditation? Online classes are your best bet now - exercise with online fitness instructors, get in downward facing dog via Zoom, or just search for your go-to "om chant" on YouTube. If you're an e-commerce seller and if any of the aforementioned activities fall under your category, now is the time to capitalize on the opportunity. Set the scene for your fresh creative by asking customers to submit some shots of them using your yoga mats while taking an online class or how they used your product to make their patio a cozy at-home paradise.

Generation Z has seen a resurgence in social change and activism, pre-pandemic this generation was big on supporting locally owned businesses as well as mom and pop shops. It's no wonder they would follow suit during this time and shop local while supporting relevant causes. This mindset isn't just isolated to Gen-Z, but consumers in general are more mindful than ever with where they shop, what they buy, and where the profits are going. If you're a business owner or brand, now's a great time to align yourself with a charity or partner with influencers that support a cause. With this type of marketing, authenticity is key and consumers can spot when a movement is genuine or conversely opportunistic, be sure to not lean into this from the "car salesman" approach.

Finally, staying connected is crucial now. While we're nearing the end of August and more people are out embracing their own backyards and such - consumers are still eager to not only connect with their friends, family and colleagues, but their favorite brands. Unlike before when brands would go live at events or showcase an exclusive interview during an HQ visit, they are now having the challenge of connecting with their audience in new and different ways. Tapping into the human side of your brand is the best way to connect with consumers now.

For example, if you sell a kitchen product on Amazon, ask your audience how your product has made an impact on their lives during this time. Ask your customer if they find themselves cooking more now? Or teaching their kids to cook? Perhaps trying out new dishes or recipes? While connecting with them on a personal level, keep in mind your product is in the background of those experiences and memories and that's extremely valuable.

Keeping #SelfCare top of mind in your marketing strategy can benefit you and your brand significantly now. While leveraging this shift in society, don't forget to indulge in some self-care for yourself. Whether you're an entrepreneur or employee, quarantine has made it more difficult to separate work life from home life. Burn out is real and you don't want to fall victim to it.

Share your #SelfCare tips and tricks with me!

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