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Want Better Instagram Stories? Here's How! | Social Media

Since I started spreading the good word with the value of social media content and creative in the e-commerce world, the one thing I have repeatedly stated was the importance of going straight to the source for information. There's a lot of social media "rockstars" and "gurus" out there, (I prefer to be neither), so instead of listening to second-hand information, I always encourage people to go straight to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. for best practices and information.

According to Social Media Today, "Facebook has published a new set of tips on how marketers can improve their Stories and video ad content in order to better align with their key objectives. The tips from Facebook's Creative team specifically look at the use of motion, sounds and stickers in branded content, and what the research says is the best way to utilize each element."

Here's a quick look at Facebook's findings:

  • Stories ads with sound drive better results.

  • Adding stickers to static Stories ads is not effective.

  • Mobile-shot Stories outperform studio-shot ad.

Adding lightweight motion to static campaign creative can give you a higher conversion rate. Facebook found that adding motion to static creative achieved a 17% higher conversion lift compared to static images alone. I thought this was a great tip, because it's easy and gives you a competitive edge that you or your team can turn around quickly.

Motion in Stories can also help improve direct response performance (compared to static ads):

  • Stories ads using motion outperform for driving "add to cart" with 88% confidence.

  • Stories ads using motion helped drive content views with 83% confidence.

  • Stories ads using motion drove purchase with 76% confidence.

While Stories ads with voice-over or music drove 80% better results than ads without sound, Facebook encouraged marketers to minimize the dialogue to 10 words, compared to the lower-performing average of 115.

One tip that also stuck out to me, which I believe will be good news for entrepreneurs just starting out with their business or those with smaller teams; Mobile-shot Stories ads drive key content views. This DIY style proved to be effective and Facebook encouraged the use of native typography in-app as opposed to uploading heavily curated graphics.

Remember these tips can be applied to both paid and organic content. Adhering to paid content best practices can also cut time and costs with creating multiple versions of content and instead leveraging the same piece for both purposes.

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