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Tips from Twitter for Brands Looking to Boost Cyber Monday Hype | Social Media

2020 has been a wild ride! No one knows what the future holds for the world let alone your business. Many entrepreneurs and brands are still sticking to their content and strategy plans, especially as we get closer to the Q4 holiday shopping season. With the recent online shopping boom, it's crucial to map out a strategy now to maximize awareness, engagement and ultimately sales.

Amazon's Prime Day was postponed the shopping giant recently confirmed that they plan to hold Prime Day in the 4th quarter of 2020 with the week of October 5 as a placeholder date. Prime Day plus Black Friday and then Cyber Monday - with these key shopping dates coming up, Twitter provided some tips to brands to help them prepare.

Twitter Tips for Brands Planning Their Cyber Monday Strategy:

  • Advertise early!

  • Update your online inventory.

  • Grow your social media game.

  • Suggest gift ideas.

  • Effectively communicate COVID-19 policies.

Advertise Early:

With more people shopping online this year, there will be more sales than ever before. Get the jump on advertising and start spreading the word or giving your audience teasers sooner rather than later.

"Black Friday will look different with current social distancing and health regulations, so businesses may make Black Friday deals exclusively online - essentially turning Cyber Monday into Cyber weekend." - Twitter

Update Your Online Inventory:

Make sure your inventory is up-to-date, listings are accurate and correctly reflect what you have in stock. Twitter advises viewing your website as a customer. The last thing you want is to drive traffic to your website or listing and something doesn't work. Take time to view and run through it on various platforms and devices so that you're ready when your customers are.

"Consumers will start researching their Cyber Monday shopping list soon, so check that you showcase your best self online." - Twitter

Grow your social media game:

Social Media Today stated, "Given most people will be shopping online, ensuring that your social media profiles are up to date is also a must." And I couldn't agree more! Take the extra steps to cover all your bases and ensure that your social media channels are up-to-date as well.

Last year I purchased a theme dress for my company's holiday party from Amazon and used a coupon code. When I placed the order I noticed that the discount hadn't been applied, so I sent the seller an email alerting them. They replied by telling me that promo code should have not be advertised and expired the previous spring. Not my problem! I disputed it and long story short, I got the discount.

"Instead of browsing through a mall, your audience will be browsing through their social feeds to learn about deals, products, and services. Start growing your followers and audience now, so you can have a wide reach when the big day arrives." - Twitter

Suggest gift ideas:

People (hopefully) are excited to celebrate the holidays this year, I think we all need some good cheer. Due to COVID-19 more people will likely be doing less travel and staying home (or closer to home) than in previous years. Twitter advises brands to share gift suggestions or gift guides for their customers and their family and friends.

"For example, you can make your brand’s own Cyber Monday shopping guide or holiday gift guide and distribute it to your audience a few weeks before the Cyber Monday deals begin." - Twitter

Effectively communicate COVID-19 policies:

Return policies, shipping delays - whatever challenges your brand or business is facing due to COVID-19, be completely transparent with your customers.

"Some businesses have had to pause accepting returns. Others are dealing with delayed shipping times. Whatever your business’s particular challenges, be transparent with your customers. Put your new COVID-19 policies clearly on your website so customers can understand what to expect. Remember that everyone is in this together and being honest with your customers can build trust and loyalty in the long run." - Twitter

Although this year seems to be crawling along, Cyber Monday will be here before we know it.

How are you planning for the holiday shopping season?

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